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Public Notice of Draft NPDES Permit for Yakama Nation Fisheries, Upper Wenatchee Basin Acclimation Program

The Department of Ecology is opening a public comment period on the issuance of NPDES Permit No. WA0991018 for Yakama Nation Fisheries, Upper Wenatchee Basin Acclimation Program. A draft permit has been developed which would allow discharge of acclimation pond water to Nason Creek, Nason Creek tributaries, Chiwawa River, Chiwawa River tributaries, and the Wenatchee River from 10 acclimation sites located in the upper Wenatchee River basin. All discharges to be in compliance with the Department of Ecology's Water Quality Standards for a permit to be issued.

A tentative determination has been made to issue a proposed permit based on the effluent limitations and special permit conditions that will prevent and control pollution. A final determination will not be made until all timely comments received in response to this notice have been evaluated.

  • All comments must be submitted by April 22, 2019 to be considered for the final determination.

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Comments are due by April 22, 2019.
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