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Exploring Function-based Performance Standards for Wetlands

We are soliciting your feedback on draft function-based performance standards for wetland mitigation sites in Washington State. Ecology is exploring the use of function-based standards to improve the ecological success of wetland compensatory mitigation in Washington. Function-based performance standards may improve the ecological success of compensatory mitigation by helping to demonstrate that functions lost at impact sites are adequately compensated at mitigation sites. They may also be of use at voluntary wetland restoration sites.

Function-based standards are not commonly used in Washington, although the current inter-agency guidance on wetland mitigation recommends developing objectives and standards for target functions.

You have been introduced to conceptual function-based performance standards and draft examples of objectives, performance standards, and associated information such as monitoring methods. We appreciate your comments on both the concept and the details in the draft tables of standards.

We will inform you of the status of this project and any plans to move forward as we know more.

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Ecology is requesting comments from wetland experts, state and local agencies, tribes, and other interested parties to evaluate examples of function-based performance standards for compensatory mitigation.  We are seeking comments to assess the viability of using function-based standards for assessing ecological success of mitigation or restoration actions. We are seeking comment on draft standards and associated information including monitoring methods and contingency actions. If we move forward with this approach to help demonstrate ecological success, we will use the comments received to refine the draft performance standards.

We request your contact information so that we may respond or contact you for clarification regarding your comments if necessary. You do not need to submit your contact information if you do not want to be contacted. Any information (e.g., personal or contact) you provide on this comment form or in an attachment may be publicly disclosed.

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