Public Comment Period for the Formal Draft of the Winery General Permit

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Comment from: City of Kennewick (ChrisEspinoza)
The City of Kennewick is currently in the process of becoming fully delegated through Ecology. This process will be official prior to June, 2019. The City of Kennewick is requesting consideration to be added to Table 6(Eastern Region)of the Fact Sheet. This table identifies by region, those that are delegated.
11/20/17 12:22 PM
Comment from: Matt Cooper
I urge the Department not to extend a permit requirement to wineries beyond the already existing requirements. There has been no showing of actual damage or imminent danger of damage caused by the industry in Washington. The report cites one incident of pollution connected to a winery in California discharging waste water. The incidence of one winery in another state causing one instance of ground water pollution does not justify an entirely new permit requirement. If discharging winery waste water onto the surface is a danger to ground water, adopt a rule prohibiting such a practice, but don't create an entire bureaucracy that comes with a permitting system and requirement. This rule reaches too far and does not address any issue that has come up in the last 40 years of wine making in the state of Washington.
11/14/17 2:25 PM

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